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Project Name: Cold Spring Estate

Location: Louisville, KY

Size: 13,273 Square Feet


Cherokee Park is known for its historic mansions, many of which have been preserved and modernized in recent years. Few can compare, however, to the sprawling 6-acre Cold Spring estate.

Joshua Fry Speed, a good friend of Pres. Abraham Lincoln, built the home in 1867 and named it Cold Spring. Since then, the house has only changed hands a few times, and its fascinating history was chronicled in the book “Country Houses of Louisville, 1899-1939” by Winfrey P. Blackburn Jr. and R. Scott Gill.

The house underwent extensive renovations in 1911, transforming the simpler Victorian Speed home into an Italian villa.  Since that time, modest renovations have taken place over the years, until a significant renovation began recently.

The main house’s interior is currently unfinished as design is underway, though a geothermal heating and cooling system as well as roughed in electrical and plumbing work are in place. Construction is due to begin in 2022 to complete the main house.

The two-bedroom carriage house is now finished in state-of-the-art technology and modern design elements with a classic exterior.

Thanks to the main house’s glass curtain wall system, the lush estate can be appreciated from the indoors as well. The place is ready to welcome guests for Gatsby-worthy parties with a caterers’ kitchen in the carriage house; a ballroom in the main house; and a pool, pool house and spa just behind the main house.

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