About Us: PLC Qualifications & Experience

  • Do you want to know more About us? PLC offers a combined 150+ years of experience in the real estate development, construction and engineering industry with 10+ years of experience operating as an Owner’s Representative to a wide variety of ownership/management teams and within diverse properties and markets. We work in an effective, competitive and transparent fashion to assemble the team of design professionals and construction manager, while taking advantage of current market conditions.
  • PLC recognizes the importance of exercising effective communication (written and verbal) and organizational skills to all parties within a project. PLC executes these efforts in multiple ways, such as: written monthly reporting to Owners, conducting regularly scheduled Owner/Architect/Contractor meetings, preparing and circulating detailed meeting agendas ahead of meeting dates, and maintaining meeting minutes from each OAC meeting. Additionally, PLC has regular engagement with the Owner by performing a review and approval of monthly submittals with recommendations to the Owner for payment of applications submitted by the general contractor, architect, design team, lender, and any other consultants pursuant to contracts approved by the Owner.
  • On each project, previous and present, PLC selects and then works independently and in conjunction with the architect of record to produce formal RFP’s related to design and/or construction of the project at hand. Examples of RFP’s recently produced include an RFP for the general contractor performing the construction of the KCA performance venue, an RFP for the general contractor performing the infrastructure construction for the Paristown re-development, an RFP for a kitchen consultant for the Galt House restaurant renovation, and an RFP for a procurement agency for the Galt House FF&E and OSE purchases.
  • PLC assertively understands and displays the know-how in which documents are developed from initial programming scoping requirements to final construction documents that are in-turn, used for permitting and contractor bidding. Each project undertaken has required PLC to work with consultants pertinent to the project to formalize a process in which all parties involved can understand and stay abreast of project milestones such as applications, permitting, approvals and expiration/extension of approvals. A current example of PLC’s involvement in this process lies within the Paristown re-development project, in which state regulatory applications and permits are required for both design and construction, and the Whiskey Row project, in which historic approvals are required by the State Historic Preservation Office and the National Preservation Service.
  • PLC prides itself on the ability to “switch gears” and effectively work on multiple projects concurrently. Time management, discipline and professionalism are three components that are practiced continuously, and which PLC feels is important to serving clients and operating a successful business.
  • The projects which PLC has performed services has required a basic knowledge and understanding of general MEP systems. Each project is unique and requires a level of industry expert advice and reliance for final MEP decision making and/or modifications from the intended use. PLC is experienced in evaluating MEP decisions with the Owner while working congruently with expert MEP consultants.