Project Conception & Planning

PLC acts as your facility planning and programming professionals to understand your project objectives. We establish preliminary project scope, phasing, budget, and schedule. Our plan is designed around the development of highly intensive and collaborative user-group sessions that help all stakeholders identify those needs and items that are essential. These focused sessions reveal the crucial programing and design elements that will make your project successful. An architect and the other key design professionals and consultants are selected in this phase.

Procurement Services

PLC will leverage its numerous resources to help you in sourcing furniture, fixtures, and technology for your project. We help you manage the different orders, payments, and delivery schedules for these items that can number in the thousands of different SKU’s. We offer an integrated procurement solution, we consolidate the entire process into a single point of contact and accountability. From specifications to vendor solicitations, purchase orders to subcontracts, we are experienced in the acquisition of technology, furnishing, and equipment and we ensure you’ll always receive the best value for your budget.

Pre-Construction & Programming

During this phase PLC further develops the program to enforce project vision. This begins with a constructability review leading into initial budget estimates based on project milestones. If needed, a pro-forma is developed and we work with finance/investor relations. One of our key services is our approach to value engineering and cost-saving solutions. We utilize a Critical Path Method schedule production and prioritization of design document preparation. This will also include Equipment identification and procurement planning, including FFE and OSE items. If needed, we will help Oversee LEED certification and evaluate the cost benefit analysis of new technologies. We also manage the full CM/GC selection process in this phase.

Technology Assistance

PLC is dedicated to helping you understand, evaluate, and leverage the ever-changing solutions in today’s marketplace – from IT to audio-visual and security – to find solutions that are right for you, your building, and your budget. This is about way more than the individual systems and software, we take time to understand your mission, and your short and long-term business goals so we can deliver integrated technology solutions that best help you achieve them. The result ensures ongoing flexibility, intelligent decision making, and long-term value for your building and business.

Budget & Risk Management

PLC’s top priority is protecting your investment from the variety of risks inherent in the construction process. We work to provide you with the maximum amount of information on cost and risk at the earliest possible stage of project development and follow up with ongoing project health assessments to maintain a constant flow of information to support informed decision making throughout your project’s lifecycle. We effectively plan, manage and control your budget – and proactively mitigate financial and project risks to maintain the quality, cost, and timeline you’ve envisioned.

Security Solutions

PLC knows the importance of having someone you can trust to understand and achieve your unique security concerns. We have an unsurpassed knowledge of the complexities associated with creating secure environments. We work with best-in-class partners to deliver comprehensive security consulting to serve your specific needs. We help you assess security threats and develop strategies to eliminate them.

Construction Phase Administration

One of PLC’s most vital services are provided during the actual construction phase. We provide monthly progress inspections and review of contractor payment applications. We manage the schedule with General Contractor, while requiring monthly safety inspections, quality control inspections, and on-site mock-ups. PLC also works to prevent change order requests and closely reviews any that are submitted. We also provide supervision of testing and inspections, coordination of preliminary walk-throughs, punch List coordination and execution, and qualified site supervision on an as-needed basis.

Relocation Management

Whether you are moving across the street or across the country, you will face thousands of details to manage and decisions to make. PLC understands that just because your business is moving, it doesn’t mean it can stop. PLC coordinates move strategy, budget and schedule, furniture reuse and disposition, installation and training, Punchlist and issue resolution. This final step in your project can be the one you remember the longest, and PLC is dedicated to making it a very rewarding process.